Serological Pipette

The serological pipette uses imported medical grade high transparent PS which certified by USP, widely used in cell culture, bacterial manipulation, clinical medicine and other biological fields.

Extraction Tube / Sample Collection Kit

In order to respond to the prevention and control of COVID-19 actively, Aicor has successively developed a series of products, including virus sampling tube, antigen/antibody detection extraction tube,...

Deep Well Plate / Reagent Reservoir

Deep well plate series products are made of medical grade PP, which can be sealed with different materials: pressure sensitive file, self-adhesive film, silicone seal mat and heat sealing aluminum film...

Specimen Container

Specimen Container have good sealing performance, it can prevent leaking and contamination effectively.

Test Tube

Test Tubes are made of high quality PS material, widely used in clinical specimen collection.

Pipette Tip

Pipette Tips are made from high quality imported polypropylene, resistant to autoclave sterilization

Petri Dish / Culture Plate

Produced with high quality polystyrene, apply for bacteria & cell culture.

Centrifuge Tube / PCR Products

Centrifuge Tubes are manufactured from imported medical grade PP, resistant to autoclave at 121℃/15psi for 15 minutes and high speed centrifugation, all tubes have the character of DNase & RNase F...

Color Dilution Cuvette / Sample Cup

Cuvettes and Sample Cups are manufactured from imported material for optical products, apply to the full automatic biochemical analyzer, coagulometer and spectrophotometer.

Aicor's Recommendation

High Quality, One-Stop Solution, OEM ODM Services, Smart Manufacturing System

match with German TECO Coagulometer, 1 Hole, L, Size: Ф11X23mm


match with German Sigma KC-40 Coagulometer, Size: S, (metal ball is available)


match with Beijing BoehrimMan Analyzer, size:Ф7X26mm


match with Beckman DXI800 Biochemical Analyzer


match with TOA/SYSMEX CA50/CA530/ CA500 Coagulometer


match with TOA/SYSMEX CA7000/ CA1500 Coagulometer, size: 10X30mm


match with Abbott ALCYON Biochemical Analyzer


match with Beckman Coulter Coagulometer


match with Beckman Coulter Coagulometer


match with German BE Fully Auto Coagulometer, 8 Holes


One-Stop Medical & laboratory Consumables Solution

During last several decades, Aicor Medical has mastered expansive and tremendous plastic materials and process engineering expertise in disposable medical/lab consumables, from in-house molding tools designs and processing to massive production support, to collaborate intimately with top-class global brands throughout the world, and is developing our outstanding abilities for our customers' growing future values.